Driving ahead with Automotive Compliance With IBM

IBM ELM can help automotive companies streamline compliance to the UNECE WP.29/ R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 for cybersecurity by enabling development teams to perform TARA for cybersecurity risk assessment and manage product development leveraging advanced engineering practices.

The ELM enablement guides your teams on how to work across threat analysis, requirements, architecture, testing, and workflow given a linked information model that integrates industry standards and vocabulary. A common information model simplifies the process of traceability by using prescriptive guidance to establish these defined relationships. This process enables a set of reports that validate coverage and gaps within these links, identifying compliance state and work item progress to predict release readiness.

ELM helps teams implement best practices from the real world. Its content is developed in accordance with ongoing industry transformation, combining established agile process frameworks with an industry regulation-oriented design. The solution provides a more flexible and responsive working model by translating agile patterns into a usable implementation, enabling automotive companies to accelerate and transform their development processes.

The ready-to-use, built-in process guidance enables engineering teams to establish standardized processes across departments and companies, which helps reduce the time that teams need to define mature processes in vehicle systems engineering and development. This results in less time and costs required to achieve compliance and greater acceptance among development teams.

Comprehensive data model

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance is built on a lifecycle data model designed to provide traceability through requirements, tests and systems design, as well as management and supporting processes.

Built-in agility

React to change faster and understand how agile methods can be effectively applied in a regulated context. IBM ELM Automotive Compliance supports SAFe® 5.0.

Out-of-the-box reporting

Create transparency by gaining an end-to-end view of your project. Detect exceptions within your engineering data and project management.

Compliance expert content

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance contains templates and toolkits to help automate and streamline the Automotive SPICE, ISO-26262, UNECE WP.29/R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 compliance process.

Kick-start your MBSE journey

Understand how you can model your system architecture and systems behavior. Rely on a best-practice profile to kick-start a successful journey into MBSE.

Customizable and extendable

IBM provides you with a minimal, lean tailoring, which you can and should extend. This package is a good starting point for working more efficiently with IBM Services® and IBM Business Partners.

Get a process-wide concept that explains how threat analysis, requirements, architecture, testing, and workflow work well together.
Get a ready-to-use generic engineering process that can be customized. Defining the process is an important part of satisfying the compliance requirements for process maturity.
Get a set of reports that can be used to identify compliance state and where they currently have gaps in traceability or in terms of work item progress.
Get templates that meet assessors’ expectations for process maturity regarding the structuring of requirements and the minimum information that needs to be managed.
Have an asset that helps them to promote the tool landscape internally for an automotive audience. The terminology used in the offering is the terminology used by automotive companies to structure their organization internally. Using the same language lowers the adoption and endorsement hurdle for internal champions.