Today’s highly increasing competitiveness over the industry demands high quality and most consistent products with a competitive price. To address this challenge number of industries considering various new product designs and integrated manufacturing techniques in parallel with the use of automated devices.

One of the remarkable and influential moves for getting the solutions of above mentioned challenge is the industrial automation. Industrial automation facilitates to increase the product quality, reliability and production rate while reducing production and design cost by adopting new, innovative and integrated technologies and services.

Earlier the purpose of automation was to increase productivity (since automated systems can work 24 hours a day) and to reduce the cost associated with human operators (i.e. wages & benefits). However, today, the focus of automation has shifted to increasing quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process. In the automobile industry, the installation of pistons into the engine used to be performed manually with an error rate of 1-1.5%. Presently, this task is performed using automated machinery with an error rate of 0.00001%.

Today’s demanding global manufacturing environment requires innovative solutions that address your unique business challenges while helping you maintain and increase your competitive advantage.

Our goal is not only apply creative problem solving skills to overcome your challenges, but to leverage our expertise in custom machine designing and building to uncover new automation opportunities where repeatable processes exist or human intervention is traditionally required.

With each industry comes a unique set of manufacturing requirements, as well as opportunity for process improvement and innovation. Our team of engineers works across all current control platforms, as well as legacy platforms, and has developed solutions for a wide range of industry sectors

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